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Teikoku Pharmacare Co., Ltd.
Responsible for domestic marketing of non-prescription medicines, cosmetics, and other products.

In 1995 Teikoku Seiyaku’s Pharmacare department joined forces with the Jusei section at Teikoku Medix to form Teikoku Pharmacare, a sales company for non-prescription medicines, as well as quasi drugs. Today, through our sales activity for products targeting chain stores and our business operations within the Jusei (judo therapy clinic) market, we offer a dedicated service to pharmacies, drug stores and judo therapists.

We are now endeavoring to improve development and service in the new field of the health of our aging society.

567 Sanbonmatsu, Higashikagawa,
Kagawa 769-2695 Japan
Tel:+81-879-25-7771 Fax:+81-879-24-1611

Tokyo Office

6-6 Nihonbashi-kobunacho,
Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0024 Japan
Tel:+81-3-3664-2221  Fax:+81-3-3664-3330

Teikoku Kampo Seiyaku Co., Ltd.
Manufactures and sells Chinese herbal medicines. Responsible for developing new products incorporating Chinese herbal ingredients.

In 1985 we became established as Teikoku Seiyaku’s kampo medicine (traditional herbal medicine) manufacturer, and we now produce 47 prescription kampo medicines and 2 prescription crude drug formulations.

In our country, therapy for individual causes and symptoms based on Western medical science is the major element of medical treatment. However, with the spread of Teikoku Kampo Extraction Granules, we have taken on a more holistic approach to disease and have made it our daily work to try to increase healing effectiveness with the addition of an Eastern medical perspective.

At Teikoku Kampo Seiyaku, we use technology cultivated through the manufacture of kampo preparations and continue to preserve the effectiveness and safety of our remedies derived from natural sources. Through endeavors such as creating preparations that are easier to take, we aim to steadily deliver an innovative concept for new kampo medicines.

636-1 Minato, Higashikagawa,
Kagawa 769-2701, Japan
Tel:+81-879-25-2221 ax:+81-879-24-1555

Tokushima Plant

80-11 Kitabara, Donari, Donari-cho, Awa,
Tokushima 771-1506, Japan
Tel:+81-88-695-5113 Fax:+81-88-695-5110


Fuso Chemical Co.,Ltd.
A leading manufacturing and marketing company specializing in organic fruit acids, such as malic acid for beverage and food processing; and Ultra High Purity Colloidal Silica for semiconductor polishing.

In 1957 Fuso Chemical became an independent entity after separating from Teikoku Seiyaku Osaka plant. As a food science specialist we manufacture fruit acids and preparations incorporating these acids (tartaric, maric, citric and succinic acids). We are also chemical scientists, manufacturing paint improving additives, pigment intermediate products, medical materials, high polymers and so on. We have the world’s number one production capacity for maric acids.

A pioneer in each of our various preparations, we receive high appraisal as a development company in the field of specialty chemicals for our unique products. We took the step of going public in May 2001.
Head Office

Nissei Fushimi-machi Bldg. Shinkan,
3-10, Koraibashi 4-chome,
Chuo-ku, Osaka 541-0043 Tel:+81-6-6203-4771 Fax:+81-6-6203-1455

Tokyo Head Office

Ogura Bldg. 6-6, Nihonbashi-kobuna-cho,
Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0024
Tel:+81-3-3639-6311 Fax:+81-3-3639-6321